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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
The Meandering Channels of Mars
Topic: Mars
Sinuous channels on the Martian surface may be evidence of relatively recent rainfall. Researchers plan to test this hypothesis by studying sinuous streams on Earth.

Seeking Life´s Shadow
Topic: Mars
New research on ancient fossils also may offer insight into finding signs of life in Martian rocks.

Scarce Shelter on Mars
Topic: Mars
Microbes that hitch a ride on a spacecraft might make it all the way to Mars, but a recent study finds they probably won´t survive for very long there.

Move On to Mars
Topic: Mars
When will humans visit Mars? Charles Cockell, a microbiologist who studies life in extreme environments, believes we have the necessary technology to go today if we really wanted to.

Focused on Phobos
Topic: Mars
Mars has two tiny asteroid-like moons, Phobos and Deimos. The moons have not been the focus of Mars studies, but there are several missions in the planning stages that aim to change that.

Welcome to the Red Planet
Topic: Mars
Looking for someplace inexpensive to go on your next vacation? Consider Mars. Now that Google Earth 5.0, with its built-in Mars mode, has been released, you can check out the most stunning vistas the Red Planet has to offer – and you won´t have to spend a dime.

A Sliver of a Chance for Life on Mars
Topic: Mars
The Phoenix Mars Lander witnessed water vapor adsorbing into the martian soil each night. Researchers suspect the films of water that resulted are probably too thin for life now, but they may have been thick enough millions of years ago.

Methane-Spewing Martians?
Topic: Mars
The methane found on Mars could be a sign of life on the red planet. Researchers are devising an instrument to measure the isotopic abundances that could distinguish a biological origin from a geological one.

Simulating Mars on Earth
Topic: Mars
By simulating conditions at and below the surface of Mars, experiments now suggest that bacterial life could exist below its sterile surface layer of soil.

Baking the Rover is Not an Option
Topic: Mars
The next-generation Mars rover will visit the Red Planet to sniff out the smallest traces of organic material – the building blocks of life. Trouble is, the Mars Science Laboratory is made from several kilograms of organic material from Earth.
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