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Has Spirit Found Bedrock in Columbia Hills?
Topic: Mars
Since arriving at the Columbia Hills, Spirit, one of the Mars Exploration Rovers, has encountered some mysterious phenomena. The rover's right front "arthritic" wheel that plagued Spirit's 2-mile trek across the plains is now suddenly working perfectly.

State-of-the-Art Mineralogy for Mars
Topic: Mars
Aiming to nail down whether Mars could have nurtured life in the past, the Mars Science Laboratory will live up to its name, with a state-of-the-art internal chemical and mineralogical laboratory. The rover will pick up rocks, chew, swallow, then analyze the minerals in detail as no Mars mission ever has.

Flying a Science Lab to Mars
Topic: Mars
How do you follow a flat-out success like the Mars Exploration Rovers, still cruising Mars after all these months? By thinking "bigger and better." The Mars Science Laboratory, currently scheduled for launch in 2009, will land a rover three times as massive as Spirit or Opportunity and with ten scientific instruments.

Warming Up to a Martian Carcass
Topic: Mars
The detection of methane on Mars has generated a lot of speculation about what could possibly be producing it. Is it coming out of active volcanoes? Maybe the methane results from some geologic or chemical process we don't yet understand.

Mars: The Other Time-of-Flight
Topic: Mars
Recent discoveries on Mars such as methane in the atmosphere, a subterranean ice pack near the equator, and evidence of flowing water in the planet's past brings new speculation to the most frequently asked questions about the Red Planet: Is there, or was there ever life on Mars?

High Voltage Mars
Topic: Mars
Meteorites and comets should have delivered vast amounts of organic chemicals to Mars, yet the Viking mission found no organics in the red soil. A new hypothesis by Sushil Atreya suggests how dust storms may zap away any chances for life on the martian surface.

Clockwork Orange Planet
Topic: Mars
As the MER rovers blow out the candle on their one-year anniversary, they continue to make new discoveries on the Red Planet. How long they'll keep running is an open question, but NASA has several programs in the works for an encore.

Modern Martian Marvels: Volcanoes?
Topic: Mars
The European Mars Express orbiter continues to take overhead and perspective shots of landmarks on the red planet. The remarkable clarity at first glance appears to be a simulation. Scientists have pursued their mapping tour around Olympus Mons, the solar system's largest volcano, as one of the mission's goals.

Jack Frost Hits Mars
Topic: Mars
As the evidence for past martian water becomes stronger, what can be said about the hydrology today on the red planet? Looking for images showing weather on Mars requires some patience, but one may have to look no further than the rovers themselves to see what a cold, martian morning might bring.

Mars Life: Trouble Without the Rubble?
Topic: Mars
The Mars Opportunity site has continued to intrigue mission scientists and astrobiologists who study the prospects for life elsewhere in the universe. Finding evidence of water is a ways from finding evidence of life, but the absence of rocky rubble has contributed uniquely to what has been found so far at Meridiani Planum.
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