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A World in the Making
Topic: New Planets
In another step forward in the search for habitable planets, a team of researchers announced that they have located a large swarm of comets and gas moving in a cloud around a nearby star.

Super-Habitable World May Exist Near Earth
Topic: New Planets
Researchers say alien worlds may be even more habitable than Earth-like planets, what they say might be called "superhabitable" worlds.

Exoplanets: 1,000 and Counting
Topic: New Planets
The Extrasolar Planets Catalog now has over 1,000 planets listed in their database. The milestone was reached October 22, and their current count of planets discovered beyond our solar system now sits at 1,010.

Investigating Exoplanet Surfaces
Topic: New Planets
In order to better understand the composition of rocky exoplanets, researchers have proposed a method to identify chemical signatures from surface materials. A better understanding of exoplanet surface compositions will help researchers determine the prevalence of Earth-like planets in our galaxy.

Eyeball Earths
Topic: New Planets
Some alien worlds orbiting red dwarf stars might resemble giant eyeballs. Researchers are now proposing experiments to simulate these distant planets and see how capable they are of supporting life.

The 'Habitable Edge' of Exomoons
Topic: New Planets
Exomoons -- moons of alien planets -- have many hurdles to habitability, such as eclipses and tidal heating, that are different from the planets they orbit.

Scattered Light Could Reveal Alien Atmospheres
Topic: New Planets
The light scattered off distant worlds could help reveal details about their atmospheres.

Elements of ExoPlanets
Topic: New Planets
By looking at the wavelengths of light from nearby stars, researchers have determined the abundance of certain elements for more than a hundred stars. Trace elements in such stars may influence their habitable zones, where planets with life might dwell.

Rocky Planets Could Have Been Born as Gas Giants
Topic: New Planets
A new theory of planet formation could mean that Earths and Super-Earths were created when gas was stripped from gas giant planets.

Second Earth-Sized Planet in the Kepler-10 System
Topic: New Planets
The Kepler Telescope team has confirmed a second planet orbiting the star Kepler-10. The existence of this planet was suspected previously, but new analytical techniques were needed to confirm its existence.
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