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Contributors to Astrobiology
Scientists working on astrobiology today and in the past
Return to the Moon
Human return to the lunar surface
Climate Visualization
Visualization of changes in terrestrial climate
Genesis mission to return solar wind samples from L1 libration point
Europa Diary
The Europa Focus Group, a collaboration of scientists who study Jupiter's ice-covered moon, met recently on Alaska's North Slope. By studying the unique terrain at the edge of the Arctic Ocean, they foreshadow future expeditions to search for life on Europa. Photo Credits:Matt Pruis
Top Astrobiology Images 2002
Best of 2002 in Astrobiology Imagery
Terrestrial Origins and Evolution
Effects of Evolution and Climate combine to highlight those species poorly adapted, threatened or extinct
Astrobiology embraces far-reaching questions about who, what, where, when and how life fosters the spirit of exploration
Solar System
ESA Mars
European Space Agency Mars missions
the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Mars Organic Analyzer
Mars Diagnostics
Mars in Pop Culture
Mars in Pop Culture, as well as other science fiction references
Planetary Surfaces
Solar System Simulator, courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech
Moon To Mars
Presidential report on Moon to Mars Exploration Initiative
Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan
Celestial Album
Collection of memorable space imagery
Mars Weekly Update
Mars Mission Slides
Terraforming Debate on Mars
Terraforming Mars has long been a fictional vision. But now, real scientists are exploring the facts and reality of such an endeavor. What are the possibilities and potential ramifications of transforming Mars?
Daniel Maas Gallery of Mars Renderings
Still frames from MER mission elements, kindly made available by Daniel Maas, Video Animator for MER, copyright Maas Digital
Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity
Opportunity landing site and rover at Meridiani Planum, a flat, basaltic plain
Mars Exploration Rover, Spirit
Day 1, Martian Sol 1 Photo Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell
Rover Mission to Mars
From rover launch to cruise, MER entry,descent, and landing on Mars, culminating in exploration of the Martian surface Movie Credit:NASA/JPL/Cornell
James Cameron's Mars Design Reference Mission Tour
The Mars Reference Design provides for human exploration of the Martian surface for 500 to 600 days. It includes airbag cargo landings and an inflatable habitat and roving vehicles on the surface.
Mars Orbital Camera
Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbital Camera Color Image Releases © 2003 by Malin Space Science Systems, Inc., San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Probes of the Planets
A quarter century of planetary exploration spacecraft
The Galaxy As Art
Stunning glimpses into the larger view from the Hubble Space Telescope. Credit: STScI/NASA
The Sun As Art
Spectacular Solar Show (Image Credits: NASA/ESA/SOHO)
Robotic Explorers
Robotic explorer designs
Extrasolar Life
The Earth remains a statistical sample of one for planets with biology. Find out about attempts to characterize the ultimate search: life elsewhere in the universe.
New Planets
Rapid discoveries of new planets
Images of the Red Planet
Meteors, Asteroids and Comets
Fascinating evidence is now appearing that encourage a view of life as transported on the 'bus service' of the solar system: meteors, comets and asteroids.
Terrestrial Climate
Just as life evolves in response to changing environments, changing ecosystems alter the environment of Earth. View how our biosphere affects life and its evolution.
Deep Space
Mars Phoenix
NASA's Phoenix polar lander mission
X-ray Depth Vision
x-ray depth
Planets of Star Wars
Planets Featured in Star Wars series
Spitzer Telescope Gallery
Infrared images from Spitzer Telescope Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Views of diversity and expansion of life
Exciting exploration missions that touch astrobiology questions
Extreme Life and Environments
Extreme environments on Earth provide one of the most interesting model systems for imagining life elsewhere, whether acidic, alkaline, salty, hot, cold, high pressure, or subterranean.
ESA Aurora Exploration Programme
Europe's exploration of the solar system
Drilling project in 2005
Viking Lander I/II Mission
Viking Lander I/II Mission, Martian Landscapes, Credit: NASA/JPL/Viking Image Team
Norfanz Expedition Chronicle
A joint New Zealand/Australian expedition to Lord Howe, to discover new deep-sea species
The best images, from nebulae to galaxies
Ghost Hunter expedition, Tasmania, January 2003
A team of writers and artists set out to Tasmania in search of the extinct (?) Tasmanian tiger. Their reflections on the current fauna of Tasmania, by New York-based artist, Alexis Rockman.
Life and Giant Planets
The fascinating tour to Jupiter and Saturn, including their spectacular moon systems
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