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Team Sets Plan for Third Extrication Drive
Spotlight On Mars - Image Team Sets Plan for Third Extrication Drive November 20, 2009 Read the Spotlight 'Team Sets Plan for Third Extrication Drive' Another drive is planned for Spirit on Sol 2092 (Saturday, Nov. 21). As in the previous drive, the rover will be instructed to drive straight ahead in two 2.5-meter (8.2-foot) steps. This time, however, the right rear wheel will be commanded at a slightly slower speed to allow the right middle wheel to gain more traction. This is to mitigate the potential for a wheelie by the right middle wheel. There will also be tighter limits on the rover's change in direction (yaw) and the angles of the suspension system. As before, not much actual motion of the rover is expected to be observed. At the conclusion of the commanded motion, the rover will collect three frames from its microscopic imager for a mosaic of the rover underbelly. The rover's panoramic camera will take images of the middle wheels, the navigation camera will take pre-drive and post-drive images for visual odometry, and the front and rear hazard-avoidance cameras will take supporting images. The drive commands will be transmitted to Spirit Saturday morning. The team expects to have complete drive-related telemetry on the ground on Sunday.
Team Sets Plan for Third Extrication Drive
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