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Jeff Heaton


Jeff Heaton began his career as a commercial diver, specializing in underwater construction, ships maintenance and surveying. After nine years of being "the diver on the end of the line" he moved on to join Nuytco Research as a technician and submersible pilot. In this role Heaton was involved in the refit and sea trials of Nuytco's 'Sea Otter', 'Sea Urchin', 'Aquarius' and 'Deep Rover' submersibles. Jeff Heaton has worked on many documentary films as submersible pilot and supervisor for Nuytco Research. These include the BBC production "Quest for the Giant Squid" in Kiakoura submarine Canyon, New Zealand, the Discovery Channel's "Octopus Show" in Jervis Inlet, B.C., the BBC's "Extreme Animals", also in Jervis Inlet, B.C., and the BBC's "Pacific Abyss" in Palau Micronesia.

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