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Crocosphaera watsonii is named after WHOI microbiologist Stanley W. Watson who in the 1970s, with colleagues Frederica Valois (left) and John Waterbury (center), discovered the cyanobacteria’s abundance and importance in the ocean. Using Crocosphaera cultures maintained by Waterbury and Valois, WHOI biogeochemist Mak Saito (second from right), graduate student Erin Bertrand (second from left), and Lab associate Dawn Moran (right) analyzed the bacterium’s proteome (the sum of its proteins) to elucidate Crocosphaera’s neat biochemical strategy to conserve scarce iron for its metabolic activities. The researchers all work in the Stanley W. Watson Laboratory at WHOI. (Credit: Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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