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Astrobiology Issue 1


Through fantastic original artwork and a compelling storyline, the novel chronicles the origin and evolution of astrobiology itself – tracing its roots from early cave paintings, through speculations of ancient Greek philosophers on the existence of other worlds, to contributions from more modern scientists such as Huygens, Galileo, Oparin, Haldane, Miller, Urey, Franklin, Watson, Crick, and Sagan. It goes on to explain how shortly after NASA was created in 1958, the NASA Exobiology Program, a research program supporting the search for life beyond Earth, came along. It would eventually morph into the Astrobiology Program in the mid-90’s.

The novel was produced by the NASA Astrobiology Program to celebrate the 50th anniversary of astrobiology. Credit: Aaron L. Gronstal / NASA Astrobiology Program

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