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Megan Levins


Megan Levins, Space Station Robotics Training and Control. Megan has worked in the Mission Operations Directorate since 2007 and a United Space Alliance subcontractor. Megan starts as a Space Station Robotics Instructor working with Increments 19 and 20 which brought the International Space Station to a six person crew for the first time. Megan also trained the crew member of Inc. 20 to capture the Japanese built H-II transfer vehicle, the free flying vehicle to be capture and installed robotically. Megan mentored worked with the Increments 27 and 28 crew, who are slated to capture the first commercially launched and built free flying vehicle, as a mentor. Megan's most recently worked as the lead Station Robotics Instructor for the STS-134/ULF6 mission, training the crew to install an Alpha magnetic spectrometer in addition to other payloads. Megan recently completed her certification as a Station Robotics Flight Controller and will be supporting the STS-135/ULF7 mission as MSS Task, a Mission Control Robotics backroom position.

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