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Surface of Enceladus


Artistic rendering of the surface of Enceladus. One of the active “tiger stripe” ridges crosses the scene in the foreground, its active areas a strong blue color indicating freshly exposed water ice. The ridge is 5 km wide and rises 300 meters high (3 miles wide and 1000 feet high). A hazy bright Mimas hangs over the scene, surrounded by a faint moon ring or halo formed by refraction of light by fine snowy particulates slowly falling to the surface. These small grains originate from the active plumes venting from the south polar region. The brightness of the halo is not known but is brightened here for visibility. Credit: Perspective rendering of the surface is derived from color imaging a stereo topography of Cassini images, produced by Dr. Paul Schenk (Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston)

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