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Kappa Andromedae system


False color, near infrared (wavelength 3.8 micrometers) image of the κ And ("Kappa Andromedae") system, generated from data collected in July 2012 with the Subaru Telescope in Hawai'i. Almost all of the light of the host star, on which the image is centered, has been removed through image processing; the host star is covered by the dark, software-generated disk in the center. The speckled pattern surrounding the software-generated mask at the center represents the residuals from the starlight subtraction. The Super-Jupiter κ And b is clearly visible to the upper left. It has a projected separation of 1.8 times the distance between Neptune and the Sun. Credit: NAOJ / Subaru / J. Carson (College of Charleston) / T. Currie (University Toronto)

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