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Hot Topic Deep Space Cosmic Evolution
Comet Crystals in a Nearby Planetary System
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Astronomers have found pristine material in a dust belt around a young star that matches comets in our own solar system.

The Magnetic Wakes of Pulsar Planets
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Pulsars are dense stars that rotate rapidly and flash like lighthouse beacons. Now, a new study is helping astrobiolgists understand the potential properties of planetary systems around these extreme stars.

How Hot are Super-Earths?
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
A new study suggests that rocky super-Earths might cool down very slowly after their formation, making them hotter than previously thought. The research could have implications in understanding how "Earth-like" these planets truly are.

Meteors Might Add Methane to Exoplanet Atmospheres
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Researchers says that methane generated by meteors could make alien worlds look like they are inhabited by life -- even though they are not.

Planets Can Form in the Galactic Center
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
New research shows that planets are able to form in the crowded region of stars, supernovas and intense radiation at the center of the Milky Way.

The Birth of a Planet
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Simulated models are helping astronomers better understand how turbulence and temperature in protostellar disks can affect how planets are born.

How Old are the First Planets?
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Heavy elements – ‘metals’ in astronomer-speak – are created within stars and then spewed out across the cosmos by supernovae. Scientists are now asking: when did the Universe have enough metals to start building planets?

Galaxies Like the Milky Way
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Astronomers have found the first group of galaxies that is just like ours.

The Big Chill
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
A new study suggests that studying the cracks and crevices in ice crystals could revolutionize our understanding of the Universe.

New Form of Carbon Discovered
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Scientists have observed a new and unusual form of carbon clusters. The material is helping scientists understand the properties of carbon - the fourth-most-abundant element in the Universe.

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