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Hot Topic Deep Space Cosmic Evolution
Simulating the Milky Way
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Scientists have created the first computer simulation of a spiral galaxy that matches our own Milky Way.

Fueling New Stars in the Milky Way
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
The Milky Way will have the fuel to continue forming stars, thanks to massive clouds of ionized gas raining down from its halo and intergalactic space.

The Supernova of a Generation
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Astronomers have caught a supernova very soon after it exploded. Scientists are now scrambling to study it with as many telescopes as possible.

The Coolest Class of Stars
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Scientists have discovered the coldest class of star-like bodies, with temperatures as cool as the human body.

Interstellar Crashes Could Toss Out Habitable Planets
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
A new study indicates that our solar system might be unusual in the Universe. Using a new computer model, the researchers showed that habitable worlds are likely to be thrown out of forming planetary systems when collisions occur between the system and clumps of material in space.

Testing the Multi-Verse
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
For the first time, physicists are testing the 'multiverse' theory.

Book Contest! Wonders of the Universe
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Book contest! What do you think is the most wondrous aspect of the universe? Reply on our Facebook site by Monday, August 8, and our favorite answers will win a copy of the new Brian Cox book, "Wonders of the Universe."

Oxygen Molecules in Space
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Astronomers have announced the first confirmed finding of oxygen molecules in space.

ExoPlanet Aurora
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
New research indicates Aurorae on 'hot Jupiter' planets around distant stars could be 100-1000 times brighter than those on Earth. The work has implications for the habitability of small, rocky exoplanets.

Galactic Ocean of Water Vapor Encircles a Black Hole
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Astronomers have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water yet detected in the Universe.

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