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Hot Topic Exploration Missions
The 100-Year Starship Study
Topic: Missions
At the recent "100 Year Starship Study" conference, scientists discussed the challenges that humankind faces in our quest for interstellar travel.

Astrobiology Top 10: The Lure of the High Frontier
Topic: Missions
Astrobiology Magazine is highlighting the top 10 stories of 2011. At number five, NASA launched the final space shuttle mission. This retrospective essay provides a personal view of Shuttle´s first launch -- STS-1 -- over thirty years ago. (Originally published 07/07/2011)

Astrobiology Top 10: The Future for Space Missions
Topic: Missions
Astrobiology Magazine is highlighting the top 10 stories of 2011. At number seven, the National Research Council releases a long-anticipated report that recommends a suite of flagship missions for exploring the solar system in the next decade. (Originally published 03/09/2011)

The Amazing Adventures of AstrobioBot
Topic: Missions
The first series of Astrobio Comics told the tale of an exploration mission - all through the eyes of a little robotic instrument and his journey to becoming a full-fledged Astrobiology adventurer. Welcome to The Amazing Adventures of AstrobioBot!

Tractor Beams for Planetary Particles
Topic: Missions
NASA is studying ways to make 'tractor beams' a reality. The technology could provide an excellent method for collecting extraterrestrial samples from planets like Mars.

The James Webb Telescope Will See Earth-Like Worlds
Topic: Missions
The James Webb Space Telescope is facing possible cancelation due to the increasing cost of the project. But according to Matt Mountain and John Grunsfeld of the Space Telescope Science Institute, the telescope will provide an invaluable view of Earth-like worlds.

Communicating in Space by Laser Beam
Topic: Missions
A new optical communications could help NASA dramatically reduce the time it takes to transmit high-resolution images from Mars.

Building the Tools for Astrobiology's Future
Topic: Missions
The NASA Astrobiology program has selected eight new projects for funding under the Astrobiology Science and Technology for Instrument Development Program (ASTID).

NASA's New Spaceship
Topic: Missions
NASA has selected the design of a new Space Launch System that will take the agency's astronauts farther into space than ever before.

Nova Espaçonave da NASA
Topic: Missions
A NASA selecionou o projeto de um novo Sistema de Lançamento Espacial que irá levar os astronautas da agência mais longe no espaço do que nunca.

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