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Europe Looks to the Future
Topic: Missions
During a recent meeting, the European Space Agency announced new candidates for future space missions. Many of the missions are focused on astrobiology topics, including the habitability of Europa, the potential for liquid water on Enceladus and the search for habitable planets.

Robotic Rockhounds
Topic: Missions
Antarctica is the best place on Earth to hunt for meteorites. Scientists have been successfully engaged in the search for decades. But maybe robots could do the job just as well.

Fearing the Andromeda Strain
Topic: Missions
An experiment on space shuttle mission STS-115 has shown that a strain of Salmonella bacteria became more infectious after spaceflight. It's an important display of how organisms are affected when exposed to the unique environment of space.

Voyager at 30
Topic: Missions
The Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft are celebrating their 30th anniversary this fall. They are now approaching the edge of the Solar System, continuing to collect scientific data and carrying their famous golden records – which contain sounds and images of Earth – into interstellar space.

The Dawn of Exploration
Topic: Missions
After years of preparation, NASA's Dawn mission to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is ready for launch. Dawn will study two planetary bodies and yield clues about the history of the Solar System and the role of water in planetary evolution.

Robot Dives Deep for Sinkhole Slime
Topic: Missions
DEPTHX, an underwater robot capable of navigating without human control, has recovered microbial biofilm samples from the deepest water-filled sinkhole in the world. Microbiologist John Spear is looking forward to learning what the ‘bot brought home.

The United Nations of Space
Topic: Missions
COSPAR - The Committee on Space Research - might be described as the United Nations of space research and collaboration. From Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition is an interview with its president, Roger Bonnet, about COSPAR's role in space exploration.

Power in Space: Time for a Biological Solution?
Topic: Missions
Conventional space-power systems rely on photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells and radioisotope thermal generators. Are space technologists ready to take advantage of biological mechanisms as an energy source?

Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition
Topic: Missions
Brimming with new interviews, stories and essays, the Spring 2007 issue of AMEE focuses on French contributions to astrobiology.

Endurance Explorer
Topic: Missions
A robotic probe designed to map the geochemistry and biology of an ice-bound Antarctic lake may one-day help astrobiologists search for life on icy worlds like Europa.

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