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Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition
Topic: Missions
Dive into the pages of the new Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition. This new magazine highlights the contributions European scientists make to astrobiology.

A Resilient Robot
Topic: Missions
Researchers have developed an advanced robot that can adapt when damaged or when its environment changes. The technology could prove useful on future space exploration missions.

Looking at Life in Lyon
Topic: Missions
In October, the sixth workshop of the European Astrobiology Network Association was held in Lyon, France. Scientists from around the world gathered to discuss topics such as interstellar chemistry, the origin of life, and the search for life in the solar system.

ESA's Astrolab Mission: Making Space a Safer Place
Topic: Missions
European astronaut Thomas Reiter recently began Europe┬┤s first long-duration human mission on the International Space Station. Over a period of several months, Reiter will conduct experiments to assess the effect on the human body of long-term exposure to the high-radiation and microgravity environment of space.

The Sun in STEREO
Topic: Missions
NASA's STEREO mission to study the sun is set to launch August 31. During the two-year mission, the spacecraft will explore the origin, evolution and interplanetary consequences of coronal mass ejections, some of the most violent explosions in our solar system.

Interstellar Voyager
Topic: Missions
Voyager 1, the most distant human-made object in cosmos, reached 100 astronomical units from sun on Tuesday, August 15 at 5:13 p.m. Eastern time (2:13 p.m. Pacific time). That means the spacecraft, which launched nearly three decades ago, is 100 times more distant from sun than Earth is.

Seeding Space
Topic: Missions
When shuttle Discovery launches July 1, it will carry the continuing research of botanist John Kiss to study if and how well plants can be grown in microgravity. Kiss' project is one of only two experiments launched on Discovery that will be performed on the International Space Station at this time.

The Nordic Invasion
Topic: Missions
In early May, scientists met in Stockholm, Sweden for the first Nordic Astrobiology conference. This overview provides a look at some of the conference presentations, which dealt with the origin and distribution of life in the universe.

Astrobiology on Display
Topic: Missions
In this interview, David Grinspoon talks about his job as the first-ever curator of astrobiology for a museum. While there are no alien artifacts yet available for display, there are many ways a museum can feature the various facets of astrobiology.

Venus, We Have Arrived
Topic: Missions
Less than one month after insertion into orbit, and after sixteen loops around the planet Venus, ESA's Venus Express spacecraft reached its final operational orbit on May 7, 2006.

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