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Interview with Ben Bova
Topic: Missions
Ben Bova, the prolific author of science fiction novels such as "Mars" and "Jupiter," studies science and politics of astrobiology in his newest book, "Faint Echoes, Distant Stars." In this interview with Astrobiology Magazine, Bova shares his thoughts about astrobiology, space travel, and the discoveries of the future.

Starfield of Dreams
Topic: Missions
Should we terraform Mars? What is the future of life on Earth? Will we ever find alien life? These are just a few of the questions addressed at the 2004 Astrobiology Science Conference.

Expert Opinions
Topic: Missions
The third Astrobiology Conference assembles the leading luminaries in the search for life in the universe this week in San Francisco. The guide to presentations ranges from SETI to missions, microbes to black holes.

Monday Sky Best To 2036
Topic: Missions
March 22nd offers a rare glimpse of the five prominent astronomical neighbors--Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and the Moon--in close proximity to the familiar Orion constellation. The tight view of our own solar system's inner bodies is not likely to appear in this configuration again until 2036.

Design Space, Nothing But Net
Topic: Missions
Astrobiology Magazine had the chance to talk with Dr. Vint Cerf, founding father of the internet, about his project to wire the solar system. Called the Interplanetary Internet, the study is to design a deep space communications network protocol.

State of the Union
Topic: Missions
If science communications in astrobiology is about researchers sharing their results, the audience for new findings may well turn out to be a surprising finding in itself. Dr. John Horack, one of the principal internet architects for how a Webby-award winning NASA site found its audience.

Solar System Exploration Survey
Topic: Missions
Solar system exploration remains a compelling activity because it may provide answers to basic questions of profound interest: Are we alone? Where did we come from? What is our destiny? The National Research Council has surveyed expert opinion on how to go about asking these fundamental questions.

Year In Review
Topic: Missions
Planetary scientists may remember the years 2003-2004 as a remarkably productive span for discoveries, whether hunting for new planets or landing on the ones that in our solar system seem to be most compatible with early Earth-like histories.

Dinner with Captain Kirk
Topic: Missions
Director, writer, and one of the most memorable fictional explorers of space--William Shatner's Captain Kirk--explains how to go where few have gone before: how extreme explorers might confront the limits of life both terrestrial or beyond.

Interplanetary Internet
Topic: Missions
Dr. Vinton Cerf was one of the early researchers who worked on the embryonic web when it was called ARPANET; he is often referred to as one of the 'fathers of the internet'. He also has outlined the requirements for a future interplanetary internet.

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