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Brightest Bird in the Sky: The RAVAN Satellite Set to Fly
Topic: Missions
The RAVAN project aims to launch small satellites in order to develop a dynamic 3D model of Earth’s global temperatures.

Gaia Mission Could Help Map Exoplanets
Topic: Missions
The Gaia spacecraft, scheduled for launch on December 19, could be a bonanza for discovering exoplanets.

Chinese Rover & Lander Beam Back Portraits with China’s Flag Shining on Moon’s Surface
Topic: Missions
The Chang'e-3 lunar lander has successfully sent back images from the Moon's surface.

Instrument That Studies Binary Stars May Soon Image Exoplanets
Topic: Missions
By observing individual stars in a binary system, astronomers working with a prototype instrument mounted on a ground-based telescope have shown that it could one day be used to identify planets.

Using Radio to Cut Through Orbital Clutter
Topic: Missions
Astronomers have developed a method for preventing catastrophic collisions with space junk in Earth orbit.

India Heads for Mars
Topic: Missions
India's first ever Mars mission has successfully blasted away from Earth. The Mars Orbiter Mission will reach the red planet in September of 2014.

Life After Kepler: Upcoming Exoplanet Missions
Topic: Missions
With the completion of NASA's Kepler mission, what does the future hold for exoplanet research? Upcoming missions like the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite could provide astronomers with a new view of life's potential amongst the stars.

NASA Kepler Results Usher in a New Era of Astronomy
Topic: Missions
Scientists are gathering at NASA Ames in California for the second Kepler Science Conference. They will discuss findings from the mission, including the discovery of 833 new planet candidates.

Spitzer Revamped to Search for Exoplanets
Topic: Missions
When the Spitzer telescope launched, it was not meant to partake in the search for extrasolar planets. Ten years later, it has become a premier observatory in our search for distant worlds.

Deep Impact Mission Comes to an End
Topic: Missions
NASA has announced the end of operations for Deep Impact after attempts to regain contact with the spacecraft failed.

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