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Hoping for Europa
Topic: Europa
NASA and ESA are now deciding on the next major mission to the outer solar system. One proposal is to visit two of Jupiter´s large moons, Ganymede and Europa. Astrobiologists have long hoped to study Europa more closely because its global ocean could harbor alien life.

Mini-Sub for Small Spaces
Topic: Europa
New from the Nordic issue of Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition is a story about a tiny submarine. Swedish researchers are developing a remote-controlled submersible that can fit through drilled holes in thick ice caps.

Cracking the Question of Alien Life
Topic: Europa
New research is providing clues about the potential for life on Europa. By studying Europa's surface, scientists hope to determine the best places to search for life and whether or not the moon is geologically active.

Europa's Wandering Poles
Topic: Europa
Features on Jupiter's moon Europa indicate that its poles may have wandered by as much as 90 degrees. This extreme shift supports the theory that Europa harbors a liquid ocean beneath its icy crust.

Return to Europa
Topic: Europa
Many scientists are now convinced that Jupiter's moon Europa harbors a liquid ocean beneath its icy crust. The main question now is, could this ocean support life as we know it?

Swimming a Salty Sea
Topic: Europa
If there is life on Jupiter´s moon Europa, what would it be like? The answer partly depends on the type of ocean water that is under the moon's icy outer shell.

Fixing the Photo Flash
Topic: Europa
New imaging detectors that can withstand the harsh radiation of space could be used to confirm the presence of lakes or oceans on Jupiter's moon Europa. If Europa does harbor an ocean beneath its icy crust, the moon might be one of the best places to look for life in our Solar System.

Topic: Europa
NASA is preparing an underwater robot for a plunge into Earth's deepest sinkhole. The mission will be used to map the Zacatón sinkhole, and also to develop technologies that could be used to explore below the icy crust of Europa.

Targeting Europa
Topic: Europa
Jupiter's moon Europa could harbor a subsurface ocean and maybe even life, so some researchers feel it should be a primary target of NASA's next 'flagship' mission to the outer solar system.

The Road to Europa
Topic: Europa
Scientists are currently discussing the benefits of studying each of Jupiter's four large moons with a dedicated mission. In a recent talk to the American Geophysical Union, the case was made for visiting Europa in order to learn more about the moon's ocean and possibly the origins of life.

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