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Titan: A Moon with Atmosphere
Topic: Titan
Saturn's moon Titan is notable both because it is the largest moon in our solar system and because it is the only moon in the solar system with a significant atmosphere. Recently, Chris McKay of the NASA Ames Research Center gave a public lecture concerning Titan, sponsored by the Planetary Society.

Cloudy Skies Storm Titan
Topic: Titan
University of Arizona scientists say that the peculiar clouds at middle latitudes in Titan's southern hemisphere may form in the same way as distinct bands of clouds form at Earth's equator.

Name That Spot
Topic: Titan
A 300-mile-wide patch that outshines everything else on Titan at long infrared wavelengths appears not to be a mountain, a cloud or a geologically active hot spot, University of Arizona scientists and Cassini team members say.

The Living Worlds Hypothesis
Topic: Titan
When the Cassini-Huygens mission parted Titan's smoggy veil, it revealed a familiar and yet utterly alien landscape, one where now-dry methane rivers carved out channels in mountains of ice. There's no evidence for biology on Titan's frozen terrain, but in this interview with Astrobiology Magazine, David Grinspoon ponders whether life could exist there today.

Titan's Keys
Topic: Titan
Saturn's moon Titan has long been a place of interest to astrobiologists, primarily because of its apparent similarities to the early Earth at the time life first started. A thick atmosphere composed primarily of nitrogen and abundant organic molecules.

Titan's Big Smile
Topic: Titan
"The Smile" is a peculiar semi-circular feature seen on Titan during Cassini's recent pass near Saturn's largest moon. The 345 mile Smile is the brightest spot on Titan's surface and may correspond to icy upland areas.

Titan and the Lakefront?
Topic: Titan
At a high southern latitude on Saturn's moon, Titan, a dark outline suggests what a terrestrial observer would consider the shorelines of a lake. Cassini Imaging Team Leader, Carolyn Porco, describes the excitement and surprise of their latest titanic discoveries.

Titan's Icy Volcanoes Erupting Methane?
Topic: Titan
Saturn's moon Titan is shrouded in a thick smoggy atmosphere. Methane gas breaks down to form the organic smog particles, but it's a mystery where all that methane is coming from. According to a new report in the journal Nature, icy volcanoes on Titan may be a source.

Is Titan's Bright Spot Hot?
Topic: Titan
Saturn's moon Titan shows an unusual bright spot that has scientists mystified. The spot, approximately the size and shape of West Virginia, is just southeast of the bright region called Xanadu and is visible to multiple instruments on the Cassini spacecraft.

Titan's Face Lifted
Topic: Titan
How old is Titan's surface? For years, Saturn's moon Titan was thought to have mastered the cosmetic surgery of the cosmos, with barely a mark or wrinkle to betray its true age. Close-up views provided by Cassini instruments show that Titan is nearly as flawless as it seems from a distance.

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