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Landing on Liquid?
Topic: Titan
After flying 2 billion miles, a probe to Saturn's moon will attempt what has never been tried before. The Huygens' probe will plunge into Titan and its mysterious atmosphere on Jan. 14, 2005. Whether it will crash or splash has become of extreme scientific interest to those watching the controlled collision.

Release Towards Titan Successful
Topic: Titan
The Huygens probe which will descend through Titan's thick, smoggy atmosphere on January 14, was successfully detached from its carrier ship, the Cassini probe now orbiting Saturn. The Christmas day release set Huygens on its ballistic trajectory towards an attempted landing on the mysterious moon.

Titan: The Moon That Howls Back
Topic: Titan
On Christmas Eve, the Cassini spacecraft will release its wok-shaped Huygens probe on the start of an intimate date with Saturn's moon, Titan. On Jan. 14, at 4 a.m. EST, Huygens will enter Titan's atmosphere at a speed of 12,000 mph, rapidly decelerate, then deploy its parachute at an altitude above 90 miles.

Titan: Peeling the Onion
Topic: Titan
The mystery of Titan's atmosphere has to do not only with its methane-rich smog, but also with its comparable pressure to Earth. Often called the Earth-like moon, Titan shows finely layered boundaries as the smog dissipates into space.

Titan Weather: Storm Trackers
Topic: Titan
The probe orbiting Saturn is not the only eye on Titan, the ringed planet's largest moon. Powerful ground telescopes have glimpsed storms travelling around the moon's mid-latitudes, not just near the south pole. One theory of how these storms arise relies on icy volcanoes beneath the thick haze and clouds.

Dione and Titan: Zooming Into View
Topic: Titan
The close approach of the Cassini probe, now flying by Saturn's moons, Dione and Titan, reveals a complex atmosphere with clouds hovering over what may prove next month to be continents and even oil-rich oceans.

On Top of Titan's Mountain
Topic: Titan
When Cassini flew by Saturn's moon Titan on October 26, scientists got a small taste of the discoveries to come. Athena Coustenis of the Paris-Meudon Observatory discusses a potential landscape of mountains and lakes on this strange, smog-filled world.

Countdown to Controlled Collision
Topic: Titan
For the mid-January descent to Saturn's largest moon, Titan, scientists look forward to measuring the atmospheric chemistry and listening in as the strong winds toss the probe. They hope to see the surface for a few brief, but precious minutes. No one knows today what the surface will offer.

Titan's Ghostly Arrowhead
Topic: Titan
Seeing straight lines on a planet or moon may point to faultlines or icy breaks. Jupiter's moon, Europa, is covered in ridges that fractured its icy crust. But scientists are intrigued by what appears on Saturn's largest moon, Titan--particularly when the lines seem to intersect like an arrowhead.

RADAR Surprises from Titan
Topic: Titan
As scientist puzzle over the Titan images from the recent Cassini flyby, some of the most intriguing landforms appear in radar reflections. Ralph Lorenz from the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Lab takes a tour of Titan's surprises including what may be icy volcanoes.

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