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Titan's Methane: Going, Going, Soon to be Gone?
Topic: Titan
By studying the surface of Titan over several years, scientists have determined that the supply of the moon's hydrocarbon methane could be coming to an end.

Complex Chemistry in Titan's Lower Atmosphere
Topic: Titan
Scientists previously thought that chemistry in Titan's atmosphere became more inert closer to the surface. Now, a new study suggests that complex organic chemistry that could lead to the building blocks of life extends lower in the moon's atmosphere than previously thought.

Titan Cooking Up Smog
Topic: Titan
A new study using data from Cassini is helping scientists understand the behavior of smoggy aerosol layers in the atmospheres of Titan and Earth.

Titan's Dune Make-Over
Topic: Titan
New observations from Cassini are helping scientists understand physical processes like stream erosion and drifting sand dunes on the surface of Saturn's moon, Titan.

What Happened When Huygens Landed On Titan Eight Years Ago
Topic: Titan
A new paper explains the unexpected qualities of the surface of Titan as experienced by the Huygens probe when it landed on the moon eight years ago. In January of 2005, Huygens came to rest on Saturn's largest moon after bouncing, sliding and wobbling across its surface.

Icing on a Lake
Topic: Titan
A new study shows that blocks of hydrocarbon ice may float on the surface of Titan's seas and lakes.

Astrobiology Top 10: Titan's Subsurface Ocean
Topic: Titan
As 2012 draws to a close, Astrobiology Magazine highlights the year's top stories. At number 8, scientists revealed that Saturn's moon Titan likely harbors a layer of liquid water under its shell. The findings could have implications in the search for life in our solar system. (Originally published on 07/04/12)

A Mini Nile River on Titan
Topic: Titan
Cassini has spotted a river valley on Titan that stretches more than 400km from its 'headwaters' to a large sea.

Titan is Icier Than Thought
Topic: Titan
A new analysis of data from Titan suggests that the moon's icy outer crust is twice as thick as scientists previously thought. Beneath this icy shell, which could be 200 kilometers thick, an ocean of liquid water is thought to exist.

A Sharp Turn in Titan's Atmosphere
Topic: Titan
Using data from Cassini, scientists have tied seasonal sunlight to an unexpected reversal in the circulation of Titan's atmosphere.

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