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Titanic Thinking in Pictures
Topic: Titan
Robotic missions have returned images from the surfaces of Venus, Mars and even asteroids, but when the Huygens probe tries to capture topography from Saturn's largest moon, Titan, the landscape may rival science fiction in the descriptions of how exotic another world might look.

Titan's Weather Vane
Topic: Titan
Gauging wind speeds on Titan depends on where in the thick atmosphere the probe tries to measure changes in direction or magnitude. What scientists see today is just the top, smoggy layer, but new benchmarks may arrive from an unlikely and smog-free place: the peak of a Hawaiian volcano.

Titan's True Colors
Topic: Titan
The orange-brown color of Saturn's moon, Titan, shows in true hues with the latest Cassini closeup.

Patching Titan's Surface View
Topic: Titan
The Cassini spacecraft has sent back images three times better than previous best views of the intriguing moon, Titan. Using a near-infrared polarizing filter, much of Titan's smog can be penetrated to look at the patchy surface.

Titan's Big Future in Plastics
Topic: Titan
Titan, Saturn's hydrocarbon-rich moon, appears to host oil lakes and the raw materials for making organics. Those organics may serve as precursors to plastics, or possibly simple biomolecules.

Titan Lifting Veil on Xanadu
Topic: Titan
As the Cassini probe closes in on Saturn's fascinating moon, Titan, its dark and bright spots already appear but their mysterious origins will have to await a July 2nd unveiling.

Titan, the Enigmatic Moon
Topic: Titan
New ground-based observations of Titan have identified three bright atmospheric regions. These spots may help explain what this oil-rich moon may offer the latest probe in just a few months when Cassini begins to orbit around Saturn.

Titan Casts X-ray Shadow
Topic: Titan
The Chandra X-ray Telescope caught a rare event, the passage of Saturn's biochemically rich moon, Titan, in front of the x-ray bright Crab nebula. Astronomers seized the moment to make the first x-ray measurements of Titan's thick, smoggy atmosphere.

Titan's Southern Smile
Topic: Titan
Observations taken atop the Chilean mountains reveal strange atmospheric patches on Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Although seen from the Hubble space telescope, the thick smog on Titan has proven a difficult photographic opportunity.

Titan's Lapping Oil Waves
Topic: Titan
Saturn's moon, Titan, is thought to harbor lakes of hydrocarbons. By modelling these waves using Titan's gravity, scientists predict seven times higher crests spaced widely apart compared to similar inputs on Earth.

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