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Hot Topic Solar System Saturn Titan
Titan in a Test Tube
Topic: Titan
Saturn's largest moon, Titan, has one of the most promising chemical laboratories for producing complex organic molecules. Experiments conducted in preparation for this summer's mission to probe Titan's astmosphere have tried to simulate its cold, prebiotic soup.

Titan Ready to Lift Veil
Topic: Titan
Reaching Saturn in July, the Cassini probe will orbit the ringed planet for four years. Five months after its first orbit, the probe will drop its lander on Saturn's moon, Titan--a biochemically rich world with black hydrocarbon lakes and chemical precursors for dishing up a primordial soup.

Smog Warning, Titan
Topic: Titan
The chemistry of Saturn's moon, Titan, has long fascinated planetary scientists, particularly since it was not only discovered to have a thick atmosphere, but also one rich in organics thought to have played important roles in Earth's early biochemistry. Is Titan's chemistry biochemical?

Titan's Oily Lake
Topic: Titan
Earth-based radio telescopes have penetrated the smog-covered moon of Saturn, called Titan. Underneath its thick atmosphere potentially resides the first evidence of a liquid hydrocarbon lake on its surface.

Titan Look at Saturn
Topic: Titan
Only about three times a century can terrestrial observers get good view of underside or southern tilt of Saturn's rings. The Hubble Space Telescope capture seasonal change, and gives a preview of what might be in store when a lander attempts to penetrate biochemically-rich atmosphere of its moon, Titan.

Titan's Icy Bedrock
Topic: Titan
Saturn's rich moon, Titan, has an orange, hazy atmosphere that resembles urban smog on Earth. But new findings suggest that beneath Titan's shroud are hints of a hydrological cycle and icy bedrock.

When Eden Comes to Titan
Topic: Titan
How will the most favorable conditions for life move outward as the Sun enters its brighter, red giant phase? Paleontologist Peter Ward and astronomer Robert Brownlee take a voyage of imagination seven billion years into the future, and come back with a new and distant home for Earth's bacterial descendents: Titan.

Titan in View
Topic: Titan
The Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft gets its first view of Saturn and its biochemically-rich moon, Titan.

Titan: Biological Birthplace?
Topic: Titan
Saturn's giant moon Titan, cloaked in thick nitrogen atmosphere with hydrocarbons, provide a laboratory in sky for scientists.

Titan: Biological Birthplace?
Topic: Titan
Saturn's giant moon Titan, cloaked in a thick nitrogen atmosphere laced with hydrocarbons, could provide a laboratory in the sky.

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