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Titan's Hazes May Hold Ingredients of Life
Topic: Titan
A new simulation has demonstrated that complex organic molecules, such as amino acids and nucleotide bases, could be formed by chemical processes in the atmosphere of Titan. Studying these processes could yield clues about the origin of life.

Springtime on Titan
Topic: Titan
Cassini has been monitoring clouds on Saturn's moon Titan since the spacecraft entered orbit. Now, scientists have released the first long-term study of Titan's weather. Studying Titan is of interest to astrobiologists because some scientists have theorized about the potential for unique life on the dynamic moon.

Titan Shrivels like a Raisin
Topic: Titan
Scientists have been trying to figure out how mountains form on Saturn's moon, Titan. The best explanation may be that Titan is shrinking as it cools, wrinkling the surface like a raisin. Understanding physical processes on Titan can help astrobiologists determine the potential for life on the unique, frigid moon.

Watching Titan's Lakes Rise and Fall
Topic: Titan
Scientists have found evidence of lake-level changes on Saturn's moon, Titan. Titan is the only world aside from Earth than is known to have a hydrological cycle. Studying Titan's hydrology can help astrobiologists understand how such cycles operate beyond Earth, and could have implications for theories about strange life on the unique moon.

Oxygen Moves from Enceladus to Titan
Topic: Titan
Complex interactions between Saturn and its satellites have led to a comprehensive model that could explain how oxygen may end up on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. The presence of these oxygen atoms could provide the basis for pre-biological chemistry.

Zapping Titan-Like Atmosphere Creates Molecules of Life
Topic: Titan
Researchers are reporting the first experimental evidence showing how atmospheric nitrogen can be incorporated into organic macromolecules. The finding indicates what organic molecules might be found on Titan, a location that may be a model for the chemistry of pre-life Earth.

What is Consuming Hydrogen and Acetylene on Titan?
Topic: Titan
New analysis of complex chemical activity on Titan is raising questions about the potential for primitive, exotic life on the Saturnian moon. According to one theory, the chemical signatures fulfill two important conditions necessary for a hypothesized 'methane-based life.'

Asphalt Lake Points to Possibility for Life on Titan
Topic: Titan
Single-celled organisms found in lakes of liquid asphalt may indicate the type of extreme life that could exist on Saturn´s moon, Titan.

Counting Titan´s Craters
Topic: Titan
Impact craters found on Titan could help scientists determine the age of this Earth-like moon and its potential for life.

Life on Titan Would Be Explosive and Smelly
Topic: Titan
Research suggests that if life were to evolve on Saturn's moon Titan, it would be strange, smelly and possibly explosive. Life on Earth needs liquid water to survive, but on Titan life would have to make use of liquid methane.

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