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Astrobiology Top 10: LCROSS Confirms Water on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
AM is highlighting the top 10 astrobiology stories of 2009. Our top story of the year was the discovery of large amounts of water ice on the Moon. The water will be a vital resource for astronauts as NASA develops a permanent lunar outpost. (This story originally was published on November 15, 2009).

Keeping Mars Contained
Topic: Moon to Mars
When robotic spacecraft bring a sample of Mars back to Earth, scientists will need specially-designed facilities to study the samples and prevent them from escaping to the outside world.

LCROSS Confirms Water on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Preliminary data from NASA´s LCROSS mission indicates that water ice is present in a permanently shadowed lunar crater. LCROSS crashed into the Cabeus crater on October 9, creating a plume of material. Water ice could be a vital resource for future human explorers.

Discoveries in the Deep
Topic: Moon to Mars
Scientists from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have been using Pavilion Lake as a testing ground for the future human exploration of other worlds.

A Smashing End to LCROSS
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA's LCROSS mission created twin impacts on the moon's surface early Friday morning. The planned impacts in the Cabeus crater at the moon's south pole were performed in order to search for water ice. If water ice is present on the moon, it could be an invaluable resource for future explorers.

Water on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Using a NASA instrument housed on the Indian Chandrayyan-1 satellite, scientists have solved an Apollo-era mystery about water on the Moon. The discovery could have profound implications for future human explorers on our nearest celestial neighbor.

LCROSS Crater Crash
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA has announced that Cabeus A will be the target crater for the LCROSS dual impacts next month. The LCROSS mission will search for water ice in the permanently shadowed lunar crater by sending its spent upper-stage rocket on a collision course with the Moon's surface.

Early End to India's Moon Mission
Topic: Moon to Mars
India has lost contact with the lunar orbiter Chandrayaan-1. The loss came less than a week after the spacecraft teamed up with NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter for an experiment to test for water ice on the Moon. Water ice could prove to be a vital resource for lunar explorers.

The 40-Year-Old Dream
Topic: Moon to Mars
Mark Sykes, CEO and director of the Planetary Science Institute, believes that it's time to find out if humans can permanently live and work in space. In a recent article for the Arizona Daily Star, he discussed what needs to be done to ensure that Earth-life has a future beyond its home planet.

Designing a Lunar Rover
Topic: Moon to Mars
Researchers are preparing a robotic return to the lunar surface in preparation for future human missions. However, lunar rovers could be quite different than the Mars rovers of past years. The Moon is a much different environment than Mars, and robotic explorers on the Moon will have different research goals.

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