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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
One Giant Leap
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA recounts the momentous events of July 1969, when humankind first set foot on another world. Apollo 11 was a seminal step in advancing human life beyond planet Earth.

Return to the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is NASA´s first mission to the Moon in a decade and paves the way for the return of astronauts to our satellite. Forty years after humans first walked on the Moon, the LRO mission is returning images of the historic Apollo landing sites

Doing the Moonwalk
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA has released newly restored video from the historic Apollo 11 Moonwalk. This week marks the 40th anniversary of the incredible event, when human beings made their first visit to a world beyond our own planet Earth.

105 Days on Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
An international crew of six has recently completed a 105-day simulated Mars mission in Moscow. Members of the crew completed experiments and realistic mission scenarios in isolation, providing important insight into how a future human mission to Mars could be developed.

Astronauts May Get Their Wheaties
Topic: Moon to Mars
Long-term spaceflight exposure doesn't change later generations of wheat seeds, new research found.

Worms on ICE
Topic: Moon to Mars
A transparent roundworm experiment reveals biological effects of microgravity and space radiation, and could provide clues on protecting the health of human astronauts.

The Sea of Clouds
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, has returned its first images since reaching lunar orbit. The mission will help NASA identify safe landing sites for future explorers, locate potential resources, describe the Moon's radiation environment and demonstrate new technologies.

Melissa to the Moon and Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Regenerative life support systems that could one day be used by human explorers on the Moon or Mars are now being tested in Spain. ESA's MELisSSA system is an artificial ecosystem that is able to regenerate food, water and oxygen from waste, carbon dioxide and minerals.

Not Tonight NASA, I Have a Headache
Topic: Moon to Mars
New research shows that 'space headaches' are not caused by space motion sickness. The results of the study may aid in the development of countermeasures to keep astronauts safe and healthy on long-duration missions.

The Next Moon Missions
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA will launch two new satellites to the moon this June, returning a wealth of new information on our nearest celestial neighbor. The LRO and LCROSS missions will return data essential in preparing for future human exploration of the lunar surface.

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