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The Tough Task of Finding Fossils While Wearing a Spacesuit
Topic: Moon to Mars
Performing scientific field work becomes much harder while enclosed in a spacesuit, with limits placed on vision, hearing, touch and more.

China Sends a Rover to the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new lunar rover launched from Earth on December 2nd, and is now on its way to the Moon's surface.

Defying Gravity, Part 11
Topic: Moon to Mars
The final entry on our list of spacewalking women is astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson. Along with performing EVAs in orbit, Dyson was also the first astronaut to be born after the Apollo missions.

Defying Gravity, Part 10
Topic: Moon to Mars
Tenth on our list of spacewalking women is astronaut Nicole Stott. She performed her EVA from the International Space Station. Stott was also on the crew that holds the record for the longest aquanaut mission in the Aquarius research habitat.

Defying Gravity, Part 9
Topic: Moon to Mars
Ninth on our list of spacewalking women is astronaut Sunita Williams. With seven EVAs beneath her belt, Williams is the reigning queen of spacewalks.

Defying Gravity, Part 8
Topic: Moon to Mars
Eighth in our list of spacewalking women is astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper. Stefanyshyn-Piper has hung her feet out of the Space Shuttles five separate times in orbit.

GRAIL Puts a New Face on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Data from NASA's GRAIL mission is helping scientists understand how the face of the Moon, and it's distribution of impact basins, was shaped over time.

Defying Gravity, Part 7
Topic: Moon to Mars
Seventh in our list of spacewalking women is astronaut Peggy Whitson. Whitson is a biochemist and has spent an amazing 39 hours and 46 minutes floating outside of the safety of a spacecraft in Earth orbit.

Defying Gravity, Part 6
Topic: Moon to Mars
Sixth in our list of spacewalking women is astronaut Susan J. Helms. Helms and her crewmate James S. Voss hold the record for the longest single space walk to date.

Moonlight and Mortality
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new study explores effects of moonlight on nocturnal mammals, and the results could change the way scientsts think about moonlight and predation.

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