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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
More 'Star Trek' Than 'Snuggie'
Topic: Moon to Mars
In order for NASA to send astronauts to the moon on long duration missions, new technologies are needed to protect human explorers from the harsh environment of space. One of the most dangerous aspects of the trip will be exposure to DNA-damaging radiation.

Moon Dust Rises with the Sun
Topic: Moon to Mars
Data from the Apollo missions has provided new insight into the behavior of lunar dust. The fine, sticky nature of dust on the Moon could cause problems for future human missions. Dust can coat and damage equipment, and poses health risks for astronauts who breathe it in.

The Moon in Stereo
Topic: Moon to Mars
Two identical NASA spacecraft are entering a location in space where the gravity of the Sun and Earth combine to form gravitational wells. These points could hold asteroids left over from a Mars-sized planet that formed billions of years ago, and then collided with the Earth to form our Moon.

Lunar Gardening
Topic: Moon to Mars
Teams of privately funded scientists are currently attempting to design robotic lunar missions as part of the Google Lunar X-Prize. One team in particular is hoping to grow the first plants on the Moon. If successful, they could help pave the way for future lunar settlements.

Giving Bones a Break
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA-funded researchers have made an important discovery regarding the loss of bone that astronauts experience while in space. The team has developed countermeasures that could aid astronauts on future long-duration missions.

Space Harms Hips
Topic: Moon to Mars
Astronauts lose strength in their bones when spending long periods of time in space. A new study shows that this may adversely affect their health back on Earth.

Exploring the Eighth Continent
Topic: Moon to Mars
The Indian spacecraft, Chandrayaan-1, has returned images of never-before-seen regions of the Moon's poles using a NASA-developed instrument. The mission will help determine if important resources like ice deposits exist in permanently shadowed craters near these regions.

Stepping-Stone to the Stars
Topic: Moon to Mars
There is fierce debate over the direction humanity should take when exploring the solar system. One argument claims that a "one step at a time" approach is essential, with Moon bases being the next key step.

Our Magnetic Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
The rocks collected during the Apollo missions have puzzled scientists for decades because of the magnetic traces they contain. Now, scientists have solved the riddle, yielding important information about the early solar system and the formation of the planets and other celestial bodies.

Building a Home from Lunar Rocks
Topic: Moon to Mars
Researchers have developed an incredibly strong and versatile building material using simulated lunar rock. The technology could be used to build colonies for human explorers and scientists using resources that are already available on the Moon.

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