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Building a Home from Lunar Rocks
Topic: Moon to Mars
Researchers have developed an incredibly strong and versatile building material using simulated lunar rock. The technology could be used to build colonies for human explorers and scientists using resources that are already available on the Moon.

Turning Lunar Dust into Gold
Topic: Moon to Mars
Scientists recently conducted field tests in Hawai`i of equipment and rovers to be used on the Moon. The goal was to demonstrate how astronauts might prospect for lunar resources and make their own oxygen.

Taking Out the Trash
Topic: Moon to Mars
Researchers are developing new technology to aid future human explorers on the Moon and Mars - by taking out the trash. A new waste system will help astronauts recycle resources, like water, before deposal. It was also help prevent forward contamination of locations like the martian surface.

India Arrives at the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Chandrayaan-1, India's first mission to the moon, has successfully arrived in orbit around the moon. The satellite is now prepared to return valuable information about the lunar environment in preparation for future human missions.

Spaceship Force Field
Topic: Moon to Mars
Researchers may have discovered how to create a 'portable magnetosphere' to protect astronauts from harmful space radiation. The device would act as a force field, shielding a spacecraft and its passengers from the dangers of solar storms.

Cold Storage for Alien Organisms
Topic: Moon to Mars
Some lunar craters may be perfect for preserving samples of life from Earth, and possibly even from Mars or other planets. Ancient organic remnants could have been delivered to the Moon as debris that was thrown into space after asteroids impacted rocky worlds.

India Heads for the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
India has successfully launched the country's first mission to the moon. The mission also includes a large amount of international cooperation, and is carrying instruments from both the European Space Agency and NASA.

Simulating Survival in Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
When humans are sent to Mars, will they survive the journey? People confined to close quarters for a long time inevitably get on each others nerves, and the fact that Mars is named after a god of warfare seems a bad omen.

Scarab Climbs a Volcano
Topic: Moon to Mars
Researchers will soon trek to the rocky slopes of Hawaii's Mauna Kea to test a robot designed for lunar prospecting. Scarab will help scientists understand how to extract water, hydrogen and oxygen from the lunar environment to support human missions.

Diving for the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA astronaut Mike Gernhardt is in charge of developing rovers and spacesuits for the next round of human exploration of the moon. This summer, however, he spent a week piloting a one-person submarine through the depths of a lake in British Columbia, Canada. There is, he insists, a connection.

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