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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
Going Looney in Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
In addition to the physical dangers of exploring the moon and Mars, future human explorers will also need to overcome many psychological challenges in order for long duration missions to be successful.

Exploring the Moon with GPS
Topic: Moon to Mars
Technology being used to help rovers navigate on Mars is now being adapted to aid in human exploration of the moon. The new system will help human explorers explore the lunar surface to collect samples and perform experiments.

Our Watery Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Scientists have discovered water inside beads of volcanic glass from moon rocks collected by the Apollo missions. The finding could alter our understanding of how the moon formed and evolved.

Arthur C. Clarke, A Visionary Astrobiologist
Topic: Moon to Mars
This retrospective highlights Arthur C. Clarke´s influence on space travel, space exploration, and astrobiology.

Looking for Early Earth… On the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Material from Earth´s first billion years, including possible evidence of early life, may be preserved in meteorites on the moon.

Putting Rovers to the Test
Topic: Moon to Mars
Prototype robotic vehicles have braved sand storms and temperature swings on sand dunes in Washington State in order to prepare for lunar expeditions. The technology will one day be used to aid in returning humans to the moon.

Targeting a Lunar Bulls-Eye
Topic: Moon to Mars
Using Earth-based radar, scientists have studied ejecta material from the moon's Orientale impact basin. The new data has implications for future robotic and human missions to explore the lunar south pole.

Interplanetary Road Maps
Topic: Moon to Mars
Technology that could someday provide 3D roadmaps of other planets and moons is now in development. The information the maps provide would help in designing future scientific missions to locations in the solar system.

Inhale. Explore. Exhale
Topic: Moon to Mars
Volunteers have spent three weeks breathing and sweating inside a NASA test chamber to help researchers design systems for future space vehicles. The systems will control carbon dioxide and humidity for future crew capsules.

The Quantity and Quality of Radiation
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new study demonstrates that space radiation may cause long-lasting damage to astronauts. The findings have important implications for long-duration missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

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