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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
A Vision for Exploration
Topic: Moon to Mars
Bernard Foing is chief scientist of the European Space Agency´s Research and Scientific Support Department. He sees exploration of our Moon as only the first step toward understanding the potential for life in our solar system and beyond.

Finding a Crater to Call Home
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA has obtained the highest resolution map to date of the Moon's south polar region. The data has great value in selecting future landing sites for human exploration missions.

RESOLVE to Explore
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA has demonstrated new robotic technology that will aid in lunar exploration. The technology will help astronauts utilize resources from the Moon's regolith, and will sustain habitats for scientists living and working on the Moon.

Living on Mars on Earth
Topic: Moon to Mars
Last week, eight people began a simulated mission to Mars in the desert of Utah. The Earth-based experiment will help researchers understand the logistic, scientific and psychological issues involved in designing a real mission to Mars.

Running Sideways in Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
A vertically mounted treadmill is helping scientists develop exercises for astronauts on long-duration missions. The techniques will will help keep astronauts healthy on lengthy missions to the Moon and Mars.

Lunar Safety Zones
Topic: Moon to Mars
New research has shown that Earth's magnetosphere actually protects some parts of the Moon from solar storms. Scientists found that for seven days during the Moon's 28-day orbit, select regions are shielded from harmful solar energy. The findings could help protect astronauts on future Moon missions.

Saving Our Brains for Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
Scientists have found that radiation may affect cells in the brain important for learning and mood control. The results have important implications in protecting the health of astronauts on long duration missions to the Moon and Mars.

Our Rare Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Astronomers have found that moons like ours are likely to be uncommon in the Universe, and arise in only 5 to 10 percent of planetary systems. The study could have implications in the search for habitable planets beyond our Solar System.

Jogging to Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
A bed rest study exclusively on women is yielding information about how to develop more effective countermeasures for muscle loss in female astronauts on long-duration missions in space.

Bounce House on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA will be testing a new inflatable habitat in the cold, harsh climate of Antarctica. The habitat is a design that could one day be used on the Moon by human explorers on long-duration missions.

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