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DNA Repair Shops
Topic: Moon to Mars
Space radiation can damage DNA and lead to illnesses like cancer. Scientists are studying how the human body naturally repairs this damage in order to develop better ways of protecting astronauts.

The Law of Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
The Columbus space laboratory is ready for the ISS. The facility shows how international cooperation can provide a venue for important scientific research in space. However, what would happen in a place as international as the ISS if astronauts onboard weren't so cooperative?

Space 3.0
Topic: Moon to Mars
Policy researchers are predicting a new age of cooperation in space exploration. A recent conference in Vienna brought together researchers from numerous fields in the humanities to discuss how exploration of the Moon, Mars and other locations in the Solar System will affect science and society.

Shades of Gravity
Topic: Moon to Mars
Despite years of spaceflight, we still don't know exactly how different levels of gravity influence human health. In this interview with Catharine Conley, she explains how new research will help.

If We Had No Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
In this essay, Bernard Foing looks at the effect the Moon has had on the Earth, and explores how different our world would be if we had no planetary companion.

China Goes to the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
On October 24, the Chinese National Space Administration launched Chang'e-1, the first step in China's efforts to land robot explorers on the Moon. From orbit, the Chang'e-1 spacecraft will collect geological data and the first detailed images of some regions near the lunar poles

Roving the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new robot is demonstrating technologies that may one day help make human lunar outposts possible. A field experiment at the end of the year will test the robot's ability to maneuver and drill in complete darkness.

Vigilance Under the Sea
Topic: Moon to Mars
An undersea space-simulation mission is helping scientists develop tools to keep astronauts healthy on long-duration space missions. These new technologies will be vital to the success of future human missions to the Moon and beyond.

Seeing the Moon Anew
Topic: Moon to Mars
Nearly 40 years after humans first walked on the Moon, the complete photographic record from Apollo will be accessible on the Internet. The images are an important resource for mission planners working on NASA's return to the Moon.

Exploring Lunar Craters on Earth
Topic: Moon to Mars
Two NASA robots are surveying a rocky, isolated polar desert within a crater in the Arctic Circle. The study will help scientists learn how robots could evaluate potential outposts on the moon or Mars.

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