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Zapping the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Every month the Moon passes through the magnetic field of the Earth and becomes charged with static electricity. A new model suggests that this charging may increase after the year 2012, which could have implications for human lunar missions that are currently being planned for around 2020.

Assessing Aurora
Topic: Moon to Mars
Scientists in Europe are preparing for an ambitious program of exploration that includes the Moon and Mars. Europe's Aurora Programme endeavors to explore the solar system with numerous robotic missions, and to ultimately land humans on Mars in the 2030s.

Mars 500
Topic: Moon to Mars
Europe is preparing for Mars by sending a crew of six on a simulated Mars mission for 500 days. The mission will help pave the way for future missions to the Moon and Mars by providing important insight into the psychological and medical aspects of long-duration spaceflight.

Science vs. Exploration: A Piggyback Solution?
Topic: Moon to Mars
Which is a better investment, science or exploration? The question is almost as old as the space program itself, and answering it won´t get any easier as humans move toward establishing a lunar base. But could science be an inevitable outgrowth of exploration?

Pizza Delivery in 9 Months or Less
Topic: Moon to Mars
Researchers have developed a software tool for modeling interplanetary supply chains in order to better understand the requirements for establishing human bases on the Moon and beyond.

Dust-busting, Lunar Style
Topic: Moon to Mars
As NASA makes plans to send humans back to the moon, this time to live and work for extended periods of time, one of the most vexing problems they may be faced with is dust. To explore the potential problems, the NASA Engineering and Safety Center held a Lunar Dust Workshop.

SMART Lunar Bases
Topic: Moon to Mars
The SMART-1 spacecraft has investigated an area of the Moon that could be a good location to conduct future lunar science studies and to prepare humans for missions to Mars.

Risking Radiation
Topic: Moon to Mars
Small devices for continually monitoring radiation risk and exposure will help ensure the safety of astronauts on long-duration missions to the Moon and Mars.

Walking Tall
Topic: Moon to Mars
New research on locomotion stability may aid in designing spacesuits with better mobility for astronauts on future exploration missions to the Moon and Mars.

Copernicus and the Wild Goose Chase
Topic: Moon to Mars
From "Astrobiology Magazine, European edition" is a story that describes the first science fiction stage play. It's a rainy day in London, April 1706. A gentleman eager to impress his lady decides to take her to the opera. Once seated in the theatre they are delighted by an extravagant show which features flying geese on wires, a Spanish gentleman of indiscriminate morality, and giant lunar royalty.

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