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Swimming to Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
In isolated environments, astronauts, flight crews, offshore workers and military forces must maintain vigilance and work together to ensure a safe and successful mission.

Shaking Off Moondust
Topic: Moon to Mars
Ever get a fragile item packed in a box filled with Styrofoam peanuts? Plunge your hands into the foam peanuts to search for the item, and when you pull it out foam peanuts are clinging to your arms. Try to brush them off, and they won't fall off-instead, they seem to hop away, only to cling to your legs or elsewhere.

Europeans psych themselves up for a trip to Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
The European Space Agency doesn´t have any concrete plans to send humans to Mars, but they´ve already begun making preparations for the trip. A small Italian-French crew is currently spending a year in a remote Antarctic research station, to learn how to handle the individual psychological problems and the stresses on group dynamics that can occur under such difficult, isolated conditions.

Feeling the Burn
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA has teamed up with two universities to study ways to reduce the adverse effects of space travel has on astronauts' physical heath.

Melting the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
New age measurements of lunar rocks returned by the Apollo space missions have revealed that a surprising number of the rocks show signs of melting about 3.9 billion years ago, suggesting that the moon - and its nearby neighbor Earth - were bombarded by a series of large meteorites at that time.

Who Needs Dowsing?
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA announced that a small, 'secondary payload' spacecraft, to be developed by a team at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., has been selected to travel to the moon to look for precious water ice at the lunar south pole in October 2008.

Making a Home on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
After a grueling day climbing the mountains of the moon, astronauts will need a place to kick back and relax. Larry Toups of the Johnson Space Center talks with Astrobiology Magazine about the challenges of designing a dwelling for the future moonwalkers.

Interplanetary Broadband
Topic: Moon to Mars
MIT researchers have developed a tiny light detector that may allow for super-fast broadband communications over interplanetary distances. Currently, even still images from other planets are difficult to retrieve.

Waterless Gullies
Topic: Moon to Mars
If you're a scientist studying the surface of Mars, few discoveries could be more exciting than seeing recent gullies apparently formed by running water. A word of caution, though: The moon has gullies that look like that, a University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory researcher has found. And water certainly didn't form gullies on the waterless moon.

Noah's Ark on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
In the second in our series of 'Gedanken,' or thought experiments, Bernard Foing suggests that the moon could act as a lifeboat in case Earth is ever struck down by a major catastrophe.

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