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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
Safe on Mars: Part I
Topic: Moon to Mars
Every 2 years from 2001 to 2011, with the dates dictated by launch windows, another spacecraft, launched by NASA and/or NASA's international partners, is intended to visit Mars. How best to cope with the dangers to human space travel so far from home?

Science Year in Review
Topic: Moon to Mars
The 2004 list of NASA science milestones highlight the search for water on Mars and the first lander to reach the moon on another planet. The successes of robotic explorers returned stunning images from the surface of distant worlds.

Social Robots Without Leaders
Topic: Moon to Mars
How a flock of birds or school of fish may go in a single direction without having a permanent leader is a mystery of social organization. But adding a mechanized component to the question raises the possibility of robotic swarms which may lack much in the way of social skills or leadership qualities.

Spiral to the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
SMART-1, the European demonstrator for highly efficient ion engines, captured its first close-range images of the Moon this January, during a sequence of test lunar observations from an altitude between 1000 and 5000 kilometers above the lunar surface.

Riding in Magnetic Bubbles
Topic: Moon to Mars
It's the year 2027 and NASA's Vision for Space Exploration is progressing right on schedule. The first interplanetary spacecraft with humans aboard is on course for Mars. However, halfway into the trip, a gigantic solar flare erupts, spewing lethal radioactive protons directly at the spacecraft.

Splitting Cargo and Crew
Topic: Moon to Mars
The next generation shuttle, designed to support eventual lunar stops on the way to Mars, may benefit from a NASA concept to separate crew and cargo in future missions. Before a crew is sent, the cargo will be waiting for them.

Footprints on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
The Moon offers a unique preserved laboratory free from the weathering that ages the record of how life arose on Earth. Studying radiation and polar craters may be targets for the next human or robotic missions.

Citizen of the Solar System
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA's David Morrison won the 2004 Carl Sagan medal from the Division for Planetary Sciences. He talked with Astrobiology Magazine about the risks and rewards of extending science beyond our biosphere.

I Want My Sci-TV
Topic: Moon to Mars
Americans love science in their movies and TV shows, yet recent reports indicate we are losing our scientific dominance to the rest of the world. Can science-themed entertainment get Americans off the couch and into the lab?

Moon to Mars: What's Beyond?
Topic: Moon to Mars
A blue-ribbon Presidential Commission has released its research findings on how best to get exploration initiatives aligned to a future moon or Mars agenda. Their results highlight the educational potential and the significance of living off the land as humans go where robots have pioneered.

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