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Learning to Live on Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
While the mission control team for the Phoenix lander was making scientific discoveries on Mars, they were also the subject of a study about how humans cope with living on Mars time. The study reveals how future explorers may be affected by days that do not follow a 24-hour clock.

Protection for Humans on Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
By simulating cosmic rays on Earth, scientists are studying methods for using Moon and Mars regolith to protect future explorers from harmful radiation.

A New Theory on the Moon Formation
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new study could help scientists solve some long-standing mysteries about the formation of the Moon.

Pressure Suits are the Height of Fashion
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new book details the protective clothing worn by humans at the edge of space. Pressure suits and spacesuits have allowed us to explore the edge of Earth's atmosphere and beyond, and will continue to play a major role on future missions.

Moon's Craters May Have Patches of Ice
Topic: Moon to Mars
Small patches of ice could make up at most five to ten percent of material in walls of Shackleton crater on the Moon.

Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Has Died
Topic: Moon to Mars
The following is a statement from the Armstrong family regarding the death of former test pilot and NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong. He was 82.

'Deflector Shields' Protect the Lunar Surface
Topic: Moon to Mars
Scientists have solved a lunar mystery concerning localized magnetic fields in the Moon's crust. The results could provide safe havens for future space explorers.

Artistic Astrobiology: Bridging Biology and Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
By weaving together biology and technology, Angelo Vermeulen's artistic and scientific explorations could help rethink how people interact with the systems that can keep them in both space and on Earth.

The Moon is Toxic to Humans
Topic: Moon to Mars
When the Apollo astronauts visited the Moon, they spent only 2-3 days before returning home. The effects of long-duration exploration on the lunar surface are still unknown. Now, a team of researchers is attempting to quantify the hazards faced by humans on extended missions.

Space for Dessert?
Topic: Moon to Mars
Research on the behavior of foams in microgravity has caught the attention of private industry. After performing experiments on parabolic flights, low-Earth orbit could be the next step in studying the science of foams.

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