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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
Six-Member Crew Selected for Mars Food Mission
Topic: Moon to Mars
A six-member crew has been selected for participation in a simulated Mars mission that will help determine the best way to keep astronauts nourished during long duration missions to Mars or the Moon.

Can Spaceflight Make Us Live Longer?
Topic: Moon to Mars
New research shows that the effect of spaceflight on a microscopic worm could help it to live longer. The discovery was made by an international group of scientists studying the loss of bone and muscle mass experienced by astronauts after extended flights in space.

View from the Outside: Creating Pixar’s La Luna
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA takes a look behind the scenes of the Pixar's La Luna. This animated short tells the story of a young boy's introduction to his family's line of work on the Moon.

Mapping Ice on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Researchers have mapped the Moon's Shackleton crater, finding possible evidence for small amounts of ice on the crater's floor. The ice could be an important resource for future human explorers.

Nanoparticles Explain Weird Moon Soil
Topic: Moon to Mars
Unusual properties of the Moon's topsoil may be due to nano particles inside bubbles of glass found in the lunar soil.

Protecting Historic Sites on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
The Google Lunar X Prize will recognize guidelines established by NASA to protect lunar historic sites and preserve ongoing and future science on the Moon.

Using the Moon to Watch the Transit of Venus
Topic: Moon to Mars
Astronomers are pointing the Hubble Space Telescope at the Moon's Tycho crater in preparation for the transit of Venus across the Sun's surface on June 5-6.

Seeing Cosmic Rays in Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
Experiments on board the ISS are helping scientists monitor how much radiation living organisms recieve in orbit. The same experiments could also provide data on cosmic rays that will help us understand the origins of the Universe.

Getting to the Moon on Drops of Fuel
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new, ultra-compact motor could allow small satellites to journey beyond Earth's orbit. The technology could drastically reduce the cost of space exploration.

Titanium Paternity Test Says Earth is the Moon's Only Parent
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new analysis of material collected by Apollo astronauts conflicts with the theory that the Moon was formed by an impact between the Earth and a Mars-sized object.

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