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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
Using Magnets to Study Effects of Weightlessness
Topic: Moon to Mars
Levitating fruit flies with powerful magnets could provide clues to how biological organisms are affected by weightless conditions in space.

New Research Casts Doubt on Late Heavy Bombardment
Topic: Moon to Mars
Data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter may cast doubt on theories that the early Earth was pummeled by impacts during a period known as the Late Heavy Bombardment. The study has important implications in understanding life's origins on our planet and the habitability of Earth.

GRAIL United at the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
The second of NASA's twin GRAIL spacecraft has successfully entered lunar orbit.

Despite Failure of Phobos-Grunt, Russia Will Explore the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
The Russian Space Agency is now preparing an ambitious program of lunar exploration. Russia's new lunar mission, Luna-Glob, is scheduled for launch in 2014 or 2015.

Solar Storms Could 'Sandblast' the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new study on the effects of solar storms on the Moon could help astrobiologists understand atmospheric loss on planets without global magnetic fields.

Microscopic Worms Help Us Prepare for Human Space Colonization
Topic: Moon to Mars
New research shows that, in space, a microscopic worm develops from egg to adulthood in the same way as it does on Earth. The results could help astrobiologists understand how long-duration space travel affects living organisms.

Planning Our Phases on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
As space agencies around the world gear up for a return of humans to the Moon, researchers are beginning to outline important scientific priorities. A new study at an impact crater in Canada is helping mission planners develop the most effective methods for exploring the lunar surface.

Plants Grow Differently in MicroG
Topic: Moon to Mars
An experiment aboard the shuttle Discovery is helping astrobiologists understand how plants adapt to living in space.

A Topographic Map of the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
The highest resolution topographic map of the Moon has now been released.

Thanksgiving in Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
Future astronauts spending Thanksgiving in space may not have to forgo one of the most traditional parts of the day's feast: fresh sweet potatoes. New methods for growing the plants could make them a viable space crop.

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