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What Astrobiology Teaches Us About Living Well on Earth
Topic: Earth
Astrobiology's study of life in the universe has much to say about how humans can live sustainably on Earth.

Earth May Have Formed in a Series of Steps
Topic: Earth
Scientists recreated the intense pressures and temperatures found deep within the Earth, resulting in a discovery that complicates theories of how the planet and its core were formed.

The Longevity of Human Civilizations
Topic: Earth
How long can civilization last? That question has long been asked by astronomers searching for intelligent alien life, and recently was the focus of a symposium in the Library of Congress.

Ancient Soils Reveal Clues to Early Life on Earth
Topic: Earth
New research indicates that oxygen appeared in Earth's atmosphere up to 700 million years earlier than previously thought.

Late Cretaceous was Likely Ice-Free
Topic: Earth
Contrary to previous theories, new evidence suggests that no ice sheet formed during the Late Cretaceous Period.

Earth Could Be Habitable for 1.75 Billion More Years?
Topic: Earth
In a new study, astrobiologists have estimated the habitable lifetime of Earth based on the planet's distance from the Sun and the temperatures required for liquid water.

The Dynamics of Earth's Core
Topic: Earth
New research reveals that the Earth's inner core rotates in an eastward direction, and spins faster than the rest of the planet.

The Largest Volcano on Earth
Topic: Earth
Scientists have discovered the largest single volcano yet documented on Earth.

Ice Ages and Earth's Wobble
Topic: Earth
A new study shows that Antarctic warming began earlier than previously thought at the end of the last ice age.

Improving Understanding of Snowball Earth
Topic: Earth
From a solid icy Earth to a slushy planet, scientists’ understanding of the most dramatic ice ages have evolved over two decades.

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