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Hot Topic Origins Origin & Evolution of Life
The Mystery of Ice Age Extinctions
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
What is responsible for the extinction of large-bodied Ace Age mammals - climate change or humans?

Bacteria are Linked Across the Planet
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Scientists have found evidence of a massive network of recent gene exchange in bacteria from around the world. The study illustrates the rapid speed with which genes can proliferate in bacteria, bypassing the time it would take for mutation to occur.

The Cold Chemistry of Creation
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
New research is shedding light on the chemistry that occurs in the dark space between stars. Astrochemists have demonstrated a key role that icy dust could play in the formation of a precursor molecule for life's building blocks.

Do Bacteria Age?
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A new study questions the longstanding assumption that bacteria do not 'age.' The research indicates that bacteria do indeed age, and this process may improve the evolutionary fitness of bacterial populations.

Worms Crawled In, Worms Crawled Out After Dinosaurs Died Off
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A new study shows that worms may have been the first fauna to recover from mass extinctions that occurred after the devastating Chicxulub asteroid impact 65.5 million years ago.

Earth's Glowing Seas
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A new study has detailed the potential mechanism behind bioluminesence in dinoflagellates.

Our Electrifying Ancestor
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A new study shows that the vast majority of vertebrates descended from a common ancestor with an electroreceptive 'sixth sense.' The study provides new insight into the evolution of life on our planet.

Evidence for the Oldest Oxygen-Breathing Life on Land
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
New research shows that oxygen-breathing bacteria thrived on land 2.48 billion years ago - 100 million years earlier than previously thought.

Turning Viruses into Molecular Legos
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Researchers have turned a virus into an engineering tool for building structures that mimic one of nature's most important structural proteins.

In Search of Virus Fossils
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Have viruses been around since life first appeared on Earth? To learn about the history of viruses, scientists are exploring whether salt beds and hot springs preserve viral signatures.

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