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Tadpole Shrimp Challenge Idea of "Living Fossils"
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A new study on tadpole shrimps calls into question the use of the term 'living fossil.' Tadpole shrimp resemble ancient fossils, but the study shows that they are much younger in terms of their evolutionary history.

Bacteria with Electrical Wiring
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A new study has revealed a bacterium that conducts electricity along metallic-like "microbial nanowires."

Digging Down Below the Tree of Life
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Genomic studies consistently show that all life on Earth is related, but our earliest ancestors may not have evolved in the same way we do now.

Enzymes Simplify DNA Code
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A new study shows that DNA molecules can be transcribed into a molecule known as TNA, and then reverse transcribed back to DNA with the aid of commercially available enzymes.

Burgess Shale Worm Provides Crucial Missing Link
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A major discovery of a fossil in 505 million year-old shale could pushed the fossil record back 200 million years.

Foundations of Carbon-Based Life Leave Little Room for Error
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
In a new study on how elements of carbon and oxygen form, scientists have found that the Universe leaves very little margin for error when it comes to supporting life as we know it.

Working at the Extreme Edge of Cosmic Ice
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Scientists are creating ice in the laboratory under extreme cold and low temperatures. The study is helping astrobiologists study the chemistry of ice below the surface of planets and moons as well as ice in space.

New Insights into the Origin of Life
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Researchers have uncovered important genetic clues about the history of archaea and the origins of life itself. The new study may indicate that the ability to make DNA formed late in life's evolution on Earth.

How Did Primordial Cells Evolve?
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
New research examines how primitive cells could have evolved without structures like protein machinery or cell walls. The study could shed light on how the earliest forms of cellular life on Earth may have replicated.

Icy Start for Amino Acid and DNA Ingredients
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Researchers have discovered an important pair of prebiotic molecules in interstellar space, indicating that some basic chemicals that are key to the origin of life may have formed on dusty ice grains floating between the stars.

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