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Saturn's Lightning Bolts Shocking
Topic: Saturn
As hard as it might be to imagine a lightning bolt a million times stronger than on Earth, Saturn offers such enormous storms. The approaching Cassini spacecraft detected disruption of its radio signals nearly 100 million miles from the planet.

Charged Up Saturn
Topic: Saturn
Saturn has an unusual magnetic environment, which acts as a planetary electrical transformer. The instrument measuring the charged Saturn on Cassini has already found a plasma between what previously was just thought to be a ring gap.

Saturn's Perfect Storms
Topic: Saturn
To see a hurricane grow on Earth, one's best view is from orbit. But on the windiest planet in the solar system, Saturnian clouds can gather to sizes greater than our tiny blue planet.

Saturn: Through a Glass Brightly
Topic: Saturn
The natural beauty of Saturn's rings shine through when Cassini looks on the nearly-translucent, icy debris in color.

Eye Through the Hurricane
Topic: Saturn
Planet-scale storms are best seen from far away, preferably from orbit. Hurricane Frances is no exception, but terrestrial storms are nothing compared to what shapes Saturn, the windiest place in our solar system.

Shepherding the Lightweight World
Topic: Saturn
More spectacular Saturn images from Cassini have arrived, but a two-dimensional view of this ringed world cannot capture its strange composition as the only planet less dense than water.

Spectrum of Stormy Saturn
Topic: Saturn
Seeing Saturn in different wavelengths gives mission scientists a new and stormy picture of weather on the gas giant. While the view in ultraviolet highlights the stratosphere, the view in infrared shows swirling patterns from rotating cloud bands.

Lightning Bolts from Saturn
Topic: Saturn
In orbit around Saturn for more than a month now, the Cassini spacecraft has been sending back mountains of scientific data. It's now detected flashes of lightning and a new radiation belt. The spacecraft's radio and plasma wave science instrument is detecting the lighting, which varies from day to day.

Saturn's Southern Bullseye
Topic: Saturn
Saturn is not only a ringed world, but also a banded one. When the Cassini probe looked at the south pole, Saturn's circulating stripes showed remnants of differential rotation rates in the upper atmosphere. Saturn is unique with its magnetic pole centered on the geographic axis.

Saturnian Shadow Looms Across Rings
Topic: Saturn
Cassini turned to look back at where it has been, when its cameras snapped a picture of the setting sun across Saturn's spectacular rings.

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