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First Trojan Asteroid of Uranus Found
Topic: Outer Solar System
A new study shows that 'trojan' asteroids in the outer Solar System may be more common than previously thought.

NASA Statement on Conflicting Voyager Models
Topic: Outer Solar System
Scientists have presented a new and different model to explain data gathered from NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft. The publication argues that Voyager 1 has been detecting the interstellar magnetic field since July of 2012.

Hubble Finds New Neptune Moon
Topic: Outer Solar System
A new moon has been discovered circling the planet Neptune using data from the Hubble Space Telescope.

New Horizons Spots Pluto's Moon Charon
Topic: Outer Solar System
New Horizons has viewed Pluto's moon Charon for the first time using it's high-resolution camera. Though the spacecraft is still 550 million miles from Pluto, the achievement marks the beginning of its long-range study of the Pluto system.

Voyager Has Entered a New Region of Space
Topic: Outer Solar System
After thirty-five years of traveling, the Voyager 1 spacecraft appears to have left the heliosphere.

You Could Name Pluto's Moons
Topic: Outer Solar System
Scientists have put out a call to the public to name two newly discovered moons of Pluto, currently dubbed 'P4' and 'P5.'

Voyager 1 Encounters New Region in Deep Space
Topic: Outer Solar System
NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft has entered a new region at the far reaches of our solar system that scientists feel is the final area the spacecraft has to cross before reaching interstellar space.

Dwarf Planet MakeMake Lacks Atmosphere
Topic: Outer Solar System
New observations of the dwarf planet Makemake indicate that, unlike Pluto, the distant world does not have an atmosphere

Watching the Weather of Uranus
Topic: Outer Solar System
Using a new technique, astronomers are bringing Uranus into sharp focus. New observations are revealing incredible details about the bizarre weather on our solar system's seventh planet.

New Horizons May Enter a Firing Range at Pluto
Topic: Outer Solar System
As New Horizons travels toward Pluto, the science team has become increasingly aware that dangerous debris might be orbiting in the Pluto system. The spacecraft will have to navigate safely through the material in order to make its scientific observations of Pluto and the Kuiper Belt.

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