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Hot Topic Deep Space Alien Life
Seeing the Planets for the Trees
Topic: Alien Life
A recent study says that a particular mathematical technique could be used to detect forests on extrasolar planets.

Searching for Aliens on Kepler's Planets
Topic: Alien Life
So far, NASA's Kepler space telescope has identified 1,235 possible extrasolar planets. Now, astronomers are aiming a radio telescope at the most 'Earth-like' ones to see if they can detect advanced civilizations that might call these planets home.

Procurando por Alienígenas nos Planetas do Kepler
Topic: Alien Life
Até então, o telescópio espacial Kepler da NASA já identificou 1.235 possíveis planetas extrassolares. Agora astrônomos estão apontando um radiotelescópio para aqueles mais parecidos com a Terra para ver se detectam civilizações avançadas que poderiam chamar estes planetas de lar.

Detecting Wandering Worlds That Host Life
Topic: Alien Life
Some planets that roam the galaxy without a star to call home still may be able to host life. Finding such rogue planets is difficult, but new research suggests these wandering worlds could be detected by their atmospheric auroras.

Black Trees Under Two Suns
Topic: Alien Life
How would life on planets in binary star systems evolve? Earth-like planets with two or three suns would have multiple sources of light that could be used for photosynthesis.

Extraterrestrial DJs: spinning tunes for the stars
Topic: Alien Life
Would extraterrestrials like to listen to our music? A new collaboration between science and music has created musical messages that might one day be sent to alien worlds.

Earths Orbiting White Dwarfs
Topic: Alien Life
A new study indicates that the best place to look for habitable planets might be around dim, dying stars called white dwarfs.

Searching for Alien Life? Try Failed Stars
Topic: Alien Life
Free-floating planets and sub-brown dwarfs – objects with mass midway between planets and stars – could prove fertile grounds for extraterrestrial life, according to a new study.

Rethinking Habitability
Topic: Alien Life
Astronomers are re-thinking the requirements that need to be met for an exoplanet to be considered 'habitable.' A new simulation of the Gliese 581 system is helping astrobiologists refine their search for Earth-like worlds in the Universe. Gleise 581 recently made news because a planet could be orbiting within the system's habitable zone.

Astronomer Seeks ET Machines
Topic: Alien Life
If we ever do receive a message from outer space, we´ll want to know what kind of aliens sent it. SETI researcher Seth Shostak says we shouldn´t expect them to be anything like us – in fact, they might not be biological at all, but instead, extraterrestrial machines.

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