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Costa Rica's Mysterious Stone Spheres
Topic: Alien Life
Some think ancient stone spheres discovered in Costa Rica are evidence of alien visitation. One anthropologist says that while the reason the large spheres were created is not known, they have more in common with pottery than spaceships.

Avatar´s New Twist on Plants
Topic: Alien Life
Although they're not nominated for an Academy Award, plants play a central role in the blockbuster movie "Avatar." A botanist provided the science behind how these unusual organisms may have evolved.

Seeing ExoPlanet Atmospheres From the Ground
Topic: Alien Life
Studying molecules in the atmospheres of exoplanets used to be a task reserved for powerful, space-based telescopes. Now, astronomers have used a small, ground-based telescope to identify atmospheric organic molecules on a distant planet. The finding means ground-based telescopes could be used in the hunt for habitable planets.

Alien Life May Not Be Near Massive Stars
Topic: Alien Life
A new study has confirmed that planet formation is a natural by-product of star formation, even around stars that are much larger than the Sun. However, it is not likely that planets around large stars could support complex forms of life.

Looking for Life in the Multiverse
Topic: Alien Life
Could our universe be just one among countess universes that emerged from the same primordial vacuum? And if so... could other universes be inhabited by life? In a recent article, theorists from Florida State University and the Weizmann Institute discussed these questions and the answers that physics may hold.

Reporting UFOs
Topic: Alien Life
A new website is giving amateur and professional astronomers formal mechanisms for reporting unexplained phenomena they observe in the night sky. The site will contribute toward a better understanding of transient phenomena occurring in the atmosphere.

Reportando OVNIs
Topic: Alien Life
Uma nova página virtual está fornecendo mecanismos formais para astrônomos profissionais e amadores reportarem fenômenos inexplicados que eles observam no céu noturno. A página vai contribuir para uma melhor compreensão de fenômenos transitórios ocorrendo na atmosfera.

Avatar's Moon Pandora Could Be Real
Topic: Alien Life
New research indicates that life-bearing moons, such as those featured in Hollywood blockbusters, might be possible. If astronomers discover such a moon nearby, the James Webb Telescope may be able to study its atmospheres and detect key gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapor.

Starring Intelligent Aliens
Topic: Alien Life
The most probable place to find intelligent life in the galaxy is around stars very similar to our sun, a new study has found.

Aliens in the News
Topic: Alien Life
Newsweek magazine recently ran a cover story about the search for alien life. In this interview, Newsweek reporter Andrew Romano talks about the lure of Hollywood´s favorite story and real-life aspects of hunting aliens.

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