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Hot Topic Deep Space Alien Life
Astro-combing for Planets
Topic: Alien Life
A revolutionary laser technology will enable scientists to spot Earth-sized worlds in Earth-like orbits around distant stars. The new technology is a major step forward in the search for habitable planets.

Googling Alien Life
Topic: Alien Life
Scientists are designing a satellite-based observatory that could provide a sensitive survey of the entire sky to search for planets. The team hopes that the system could rapidly discover Earth-like planets.

Life on Frosted Earths
Topic: Alien Life
The search for life beyond the Earth is closely linked with hunting for habitable worlds. Astronomers have always hoped to find planets in the so-called "Goldilocks zone" around their parent stars, where the temperature is just right.

Hunting Aliens at Home
Topic: Alien Life
The SETI@home project is looking for volunteers. The project is getting a burst of new data from the upgraded Arecibo telescope, and more computers are needed to help pick out potential alien signals.

What Would ET See?
Topic: Alien Life
Astronomers are trying to determine what alien races might see if they happened to be staring at the Earth from the surface of far away planets. The research may help us better understand what we should look for when searching for habitable planets around distant stars.

Questioning Habitable Planets
Topic: Alien Life
In the final part of this six-part lecture series, Vikki Meadows answers audience questions about the possibility of life on alien worlds.

Colors of Alien Plants
Topic: Alien Life
In part five of this six-part lecture series, Vikki Meadows describes the impact plants have on planets. She also explains why the type of star providing sunshine may affect the color of an alien world's equivalent of bushes, trees, and grass.

A Diversity of Worlds
Topic: Alien Life
In the fourth part of this six-part lecture series, Vikki Meadows explains how different types of worlds, even ones not like the Earth, can still be potential havens for life.

The Spectrum of Life
Topic: Alien Life
In part three of this six-part lecture series, Vikki Meadows pieces together the lines of evidence that indicate whether an extrasolar planet is able to support life.

Location, Location, Location
Topic: Alien Life
In the vast real estate of space, where are the habitable planets? In this lecture, Vikki Meadows describes the clues that tell us if an extrasolar planet would be a good place to call home.

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