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Hot Topic Deep Space Alien Life
Homing Signals
Topic: Alien Life
Phoning home intergalactically may have one natural prerequisite if a civilization is hoping to connect: timing their precursor signal or 'ring' so that we might know that they're broadcasting. Dr. Robin Corbet, of the Universities' Space Research Association discusses his research findings on Synchronized SETI.

Complex Life Elsewhere in the Universe?
Topic: Alien Life
The panelists ask whether the Earth's history provides us with examples of conditions that might be encountered on other planets.

Interview with Ann Druyan and Steven Soter
Topic: Alien Life
Ann Druyan, the widow of renowned scientist Carl Sagan, and astrophysicist Steven Soter collaborated with Sagan over many years to create the famed television series Cosmos and numerous other projects.

The Meaning of Life
Topic: Alien Life
Sitting beneath a dark night sky, looking up at the vast array of stars, what human has not wondered, "Are we alone?"

The Search for Life in the Universe
Topic: Alien Life
Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses the search for life in the Universe. Are we alone?

SETI and the Search for Life
Topic: Alien Life
Christopher F. Chyba of the SETI Institute discusses the search for life in the Universe. Are we alone?

Are We Alone? Where are our Nearest Neighbors?
Topic: Alien Life
Edward Weiler, NASA's Associate Administrator for Space Science discusses the search for life in the Universe. Are we alone?

O SETI e a Busca por Vida
Topic: Alien Life
Christopher F. Chyba do Instituto SETI discute a busca por vida no Universo. Estamos sozinhos?

In Search of E.T.'s Breath
Topic: Alien Life
Advanced space telescopes might soon probe far-off worlds for the chemical signatures of alien life. iron.html

Scientists Hunt For Light Flashes From Extraterrestrial Civilizations
Topic: Alien Life
Astronomers are broadening the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) by looking for powerful light pulses coming from other star systems.

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