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Planetary Clouds May Expand the Habitable Zone
Topic: Alien Life
A new study indicates that the influence of clouds on a planet's climate could double the number of potentially habitable planets orbiting red dwarf stars.

Hunting for Water on ExoPlanets
Topic: Alien Life
Astronomers have detected the spectral fingerprint of water molecules in an exoplanet atmosphere. The findings prove the effectiveness of a new technique that will allow astrobiologists to search for water on distant planets without the need for space-based telescopes.

Infrared Photosynthesis: A Potential Power Source for Alien Life in Sunless Places
Topic: Alien Life
The harvesting of low-energy light emitted by hot water spurted out by deep-sea hydrothermal vents might be enough to sustain microbes where the sun doesn't shine

White or Brown Dwarf Planets Not Likely to Host Life
Topic: Alien Life
A new study finds that planets orbiting white or brown dwarfs are unlikely to be habitable for life as we know it.

Under Pressure: How the Density of Exoplanets' Atmospheres Weighs on the Odds for Alien Life
Topic: Alien Life
A recent study explores how atmospheric pressure on Earth-like worlds could impact their ability to possess liquid water on their surfaces.

Looking for Life by the Light of Dying Stars
Topic: Alien Life
A new study suggests that technology advances in the next decade could allow astronomers to detect biosignatures in the atmospheres of planets around dead stars.

The Great Exoplanet Debate, part 6: The Future of Exoplanet Missions
Topic: Alien Life
At a NASA conference, exoplanet scientists held a lively discussion about issues facing the search for and understanding of extrasolar planets. In part six of this series, the panelists discuss the exciting possibilities of future missions, from the recently-selected TESS Explorer-class mission, to the idea of a hundred-year Starship.

The Great Exoplanet Debate, part 5: Exoplanet Missions
Topic: Alien Life
At a NASA conference, a panel of exoplanet scientists held a lively discussion about some of the most important issues facing the search for and understanding of planets orbiting far-distant stars. In part five of this series, the panelists discuss the Decadal Survey and its influence on exoplanet missions.

The Rio Scale: Quantifying the Consequences of an ET Discovery
Topic: Alien Life
The Rio Scale index (RSI) provides a way to estimate the significance for our civilization of contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Escala do Rio: Quantificando as Consequências do Anúncio da Descoberta de Inteligência Extraterrestre
Topic: Alien Life
O índice da Escala do Rio (IER) provém uma forma de estimar a importância para nossa civilização do contato com uma inteligência extraterrestre.

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