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Hot Topic Deep Space Alien Life
Other Solar Systems May Be More Habitable Than Ours
Topic: Alien Life
A new study indicates that planets orbiting stars that are hotter than our sun may be more dynamic than Earth, and capable of supporting microbial life. Such planets would likely have warmer interiors and are more geologically active than our home planet.

At Last, How Many Alien Civilizations are There?
Topic: Alien Life
Frank Drake’s famous equation for estimating alien life has been altered by one scientist to create the “Statistical Drake Equation”. The results provide good news for the SETI community.

Afinal, Quantas Civilizações Alienígenas Há?
Topic: Alien Life
Em 2010 Claudio Maccone usou a famosa equação de Frank Drake que estima a vida alienígena para criar a Equação de Drake Estatística. Apesar dos valores numéricos não serem o verdadeiro objetivo, alguns dos seus resultados publicados podem ser boas notícias para a comunidade do SETI.

Can Life Emerge on Planets That Orbit Cooling Stars?
Topic: Alien Life
A new study indicates that planets orbiting white or brown dwarfs may be poor candidates for life as we know it.

Do Aliens Use Hairspray?
Topic: Alien Life
Chemicals such as those found in hairspray might one day serve as signs that aliens have reshaped distant worlds, researchers say.

Colors of ExoEarths Could Indicate Habitability
Topic: Alien Life
When direct detection of Earth-like planets becomes possible, scientists want to be able to easily characterize these planets and see which ones might be suitable for alien life. A new technique shows how the unique colors of particular environments known to harbor extremophile life on Earth can be detected remotely.

Cores de Exo-Terras Poderiam Indicar Habitabilidade
Topic: Alien Life
Quando a detecção direta de planetas semelhantes à Terra se torna possível, cientistas querem ser capazes de facilmente caracterizar estes planetas e ver quais deles podem ser apropriados à vida alienígena. Uma nova técnica mostra como as cores únicas de ambientes particulares, que se sabe abrigarem vida extremófila na Terra, podem ser detectadas remotamente.

Searching for Dyson Spheres and Alternate Universes
Topic: Alien Life
Two new research grants are supporting projects that bleed into science fiction. The first could help identify advanced civilizations powered by massive, orbiting solar power stations. The second study will look for ways of detecting universes other than our own.

Procurando por Esferas de Dyson e Universos Alternativos
Topic: Alien Life
Dois novos financiamentos de pesquisa estão apoiando projetos que beiram a ficção científica. O primeiro projeto pode ajudar a identificar civilizações avançadas abastecidas por massivas estações de energia estelar orbitais. O segundo estudo irá procurar formas de detectar outros universos além do nosso.

Extreme Life Could Exist on Eccentric Exoplanets
Topic: Alien Life
New research indicates that extrasolar planets with eccentric orbits may still be capable of supporting life - even though the planets do not orbit entirely within the habitable zone of their host star.

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